There is a nominal membership fee to join LFTshift.com.

Why? Our mission is to build an online community in it’s truest sense . This means we work hard to find you amazing connections, exclusive deals and rollout new features. But more importantly a portion of you membership is given to some amazing charities.

UFA Widows and Children’s Fund

New York Firefighters’ Burn Center Foundation

Prior to becoming a firefighter, the majority have acquired a manual or service related skill-set and often wear many hats in their daily lives. Their skills range from carpentry, mechanics, electrical, painting, moving, and many other unique abilities.

LFTshift’s logo has significant meaning for us.  While it serves as a symbol for a map marker, the red color and flame represents those we have lost and how their memories will forever burn in our hearts.

We strongly encourage you to fully fill out your profile. Adding a image and listing your services will help you get to know other members.

To list an event on our site please email us at support@LFTshift.com and we would be happy to post your event.



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