LFTshift aka Local Firefighters Trusted Launches on Kickstarter


NEW YORK – At some point everyone needs work done on their home or business. Finding someone we can trust and who is skilled in your particular project can be a challenge. That is our Mission Statement.  Connecting your needs with our workforce.

For the past six months co-founders Bridget Heine, a marketing and design professional and Louis Strandberg, a second generation New York Firefighter have been working hard to develop an online community called LFTshift..

LFTshift aka Local Fiefighters Trusted is an online platform that connects households and businesses with local firefighters who are looking for work to help subsidize their income. These fireman and part time handyman (HandyFiremen as we like to call them) bring the same reliability and professionalism that they would in saving your home from a fire, as they do with the numerous side projects they already complete.

As part of our efforts to bringing LFTshift to the market; LFTshift has launched a Kickstarter campaign (http://kck.st/1Cfrqpy) to help with development  and marketing costs.

Firefighters whether they are volunteer, active or retired, have all made sacrifices along the way to serve their community a. But often we tend to forget that these firefighters have families, and that they are someone’s father, mother, sister or spouse.

Since the fire departments hiring freeze of five years has been lifted, the firefighters overtime is not as available as it used to be so more often than not they turn to side work to help subsidize their income.  Unfortunately since 9/11 some firefighters have developed a hand full of health issues that has forced them into an earlier retirement.  That is where LFTshift comes in.

Prior to becoming a firefighter, the majority have acquired a skillset or service. These skills ranges are: carpentry, electrical, painting, moving, and many other unique abilities.

LFTshift is our way to give back and foster a stronger community.  Our biggest challenge is to educate businesses and households that our firefighters have a lot more to offer than just putting out fires.

For more information on LFTshift’s Kickstarter campaign please visit http://kck.st/1Cfrqpy.


Media inquiries please contact: Bridget Heine 917-371-6013. For more information about LFTshift please visit LFTshift.com.


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