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Welcome to LFTshift.com, connecting local firefighters with households and businesses looking to hire trusted and hardworking members in the community. We look forward to having you as part of our community and the opportunity to provide a trusted platform that offers networking, deals, events and job opportunities. We hope that you find beyond job opportunities new connections and maybe even some new friends.

LFTshift.com began with one question, “How can we give back to the community and better the lives of the people we care about?” Our solution, let’s build a community that does just that.

As community member of LFTshift.com you have access to exclusive deals, job listings, networking, classifieds and events. But more importantly we strongly believe in giving back to the community so a portion of your membership fee is donated to causes that matter to us and the other portion goes to operations and marketing.

Our site will be constantly evolving and as we strive to grow our online community we appreciate and welcome your ideas and feedback. If you would like to suggest ways that we can improve our site and what we offer please email us.

Take the time to explore our site and become a member. We look forward to meeting you online and at the events!




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